National Lifeguard Examination Policy

The Lifesaving Society Newfoundland and Labrador National Lifeguard Examination Policy defines the minimum conditions under which National Lifeguard examinations may occur:

  1. All National Lifeguard examinations must be submitted by an Affiliate Member of the Society.
  2. Pool facilities must meet the following minimum standards: 15 m long, 5 m wide and 1.5 m deep.
  3. All examinations must be conducted with the minimum equipment identified on the National Lifeguard exam equipment list.
  4. The minimum number of candidates is one. However, additional and currently certified National Lifeguards must participate during situations - as the second lifeguard. The second lifeguard may not be the National Lifeguard Examiner conducting the exam.
  5. In lifeguard situations, scenarios may include any of the test items within the National Lifeguard options (e.g., public relations, drowning non-swimmer, submerged victim, spinal-injured victim, injured swimmer, facility emergency, enviromental emergency). Note that first aid conditions are limited to those outlined in Appendix A of the National Lifeguard Award Guide.


  1. The minimum number of potential victims may not be less than six. Victims' names and contact information must be recorded and submitted with the test sheets.

    On exams with 8 candidates or more, no additional "victims" are required (because this number provides for 2-lifeguard situations with 6 victims). However, on exams with fewer than 8 candidates, the number of candidates and the number of additional volunteers must add up to a minimum of 8, and the names and contact information for all volunteers must be submitted with the test sheets.


  1. The updated 2022 National Lifeguard program defines the mandatory items which must be evaluated on National Lifeguard Recertifications. See National Lifeguard recertification Notes for Examiners or the items marked with the † symbol in the National Lifeguard Award Guide.