Prerequisite Policies

Prerequisite Policies

Some Lifesaving Society awards have prior training or age prerequisites to ensure that candidates have the necessary knowledge and ability to achieve success. Affiliates, Instructors, Examiners and Trainers are responsible for checking prerequisites. The Society will not issue awards to candidates who do not have the required prerequisites. Proof of prerequisites must be available to the Instructor, Examiner or Trainer.

Age prerequisites

Minimum age prerequisites must be attained by the last day of the course or the day of the exam. There are no exceptions. Acceptable proof of age includes: birth certificate, driver's license, health card or passport.

Award prerequisites

Prerequisite awards must be earned prior to the start of the course to which they apply. When two or more awards are offered together (e.g., Emergency First Aid and Bronze Cross), the Society deems the prerequisite award to have been earned in the correct order. Prerequisite awards need not be current (see "Currency" below)

The following are acceptable proof of award prerequisites: a printout from Find a Member; or confirmation using Find a Member Mobile (; a Lifesaving Society certification card or current temporary card (expired temporary cards - more than 90 days old - may not be used).

First aid prerequisites

For prerequisite purposes, the Lifesaving Society accepts First Aid certifications provided by training agencies approved by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The only Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid certifications that may be used as prerequisites to the Society's awards are from the approved agencies listed here. The Society updates its list periodically to align with changes approved by the Newfoundland and Labrador government.

When a first aid certification from an agency other than the Lifesaving Society is used as a prerequisite for a Lifesaving Society award, a photocopy of the certification card must accompany the Lifesaving Society test sheets. The Society will not issue awards if this proof of prerequisite is missing.

Affiliates, please notify candidates of this prerequisite requirement in promotional materials and at registration locations. Before you submit test sheets to the Society, please attach copies of prerequisites when necessary.


Lifesaving Society certifications are held for life but they are "current" for only 24 months from the date of certification - except for Emergency and Standard First Aid which are valid for 36 months. To maintain a valid or current certification, award holders must recertify.


Award holders are encouraged to maintain up-to-date skills and ability through recertification. Award holders may recertify Lifesaving Society awards at any time regardless of the certification date of the original award.