Prerequisite Policies

prerequisite Policy

Prerequisite awards need not be "current" (i.e., within 24 months of certification date). This applies to all Lifesaving Society certifications.

Prerequisite awards must be earned prior to the start date of the course to which they apply.

Minimum age requirements must be attained by the last day of the course or the day of the exam.

This does not affect programming flexibility. When two or more awards are offered together (e.g., Standard First Aid with Bronze Cross or with National Lifeguard), the Society deems the prerequisite awards to have been earned in the correct order.

EFA Prerequisite to Bronze Cross & SFA Prerequisite to NLS

Emergency First Aid Prerequisite

As of January 1, 2019, Emergency First Aid certification will become one of the prerequisites to the Bronze Cross course. For prerequisite purposes, the Emergency First Aid certification need not be current.

Standard First Aid Prerequisite

Standard First Aid certification is one of the prerequisites to the National Lifeguard course. For prerequisite purposes, the Standard First Aid certification need not be current.

Proof of First Aid Prerequisite

The Lifesaving Society accepts Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid certificates as prerequisites only from the following agencies:

  • Lifesaving Society
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • St. John Ambulance
  • Canadian Ski Patrol

When a first aid certification from an agency other than the Lifesaving Society is used as a prerequisite for a Lifesaving Society award, a photocopy of the certification card must accompany the Lifesaving Society test sheets. The Society will not issue awards if this proof of prerequisite is missing.

Affiliates: please notify Bronze Cross and National Lifeguard candidates of this prerequisite requirement in your promotional materials and at registration locations. Before you submit test sheets to the Society, please attach copies of prerequisites when necessary.