Examiner Mentor

Examiner Mentors are senior Lifesaving Society Examiners appointed by the Society to mentor examiner candidates through their apprenticeship phase and approve them for examiner certification.

Examiner Mentors:

  1. Provide effective apprenticeship experiences for examiner candidates including evaluation of their performance and guidance on their professional development as potential Lifesaving Society Examiners.
  2. Act as expert resources to apprenticing examiner candidates in matters related to Lifesaving Society evaluation standards.
  3. Complete Lifesaving Society administrative requirements in a timely manner including completion of training records for the apprenticing examiner candidate.
  4. Assist in the identification, recruitment and development of potential Lifesaving Society Examiners.
  5. Attend Examiner Mentor workshops and clinics as required.

While working with an apprenticing examiner candidate, the Examiner Mentor is responsible for the smooth conduct of the examination, and only the Examiner Mentor (as the examiner of record) has the authority to make pass/fail decisions and sign the test sheets. This dual responsibility - evaluation of the award candidates while supervising and evaluating an apprentice examiner - will be a challenging but rewarding experience.

Prerequisites: Examined a minimum of three exams in a specific stream.


  1. Application - Complete the application form and return it to the Lifesaving Society office.
  2. Learning Opportunity - If approved, the Society will be in touch to arrange the learning opportunity.
  3. Assessment - After completing the learning opportunity the Society will complete an assessment to determine if they are going to appoint you as an Examiner Mentor.

Required References: Examiner Handbook.

Costs: There is no fee for appointment as an Examiner Mentor.

Candidate recognition: Examiner Mentor appointment will appear on your Find a Member record.

Recertification: Recertification is through the Society's professional development credit system.

Examiner Mentor Authority

You many only take on apprenticing examiner candidates for the examiner certification(s) that you hold. Specifically:

  • Only Examiner Mentors who hold current Bronze Examiner status may supervise apprenticing examiner candidates who seek Bronze Examiner certification.
  • Only Examiner Mentors who hold current First Aid Examiner status may supervise apprentices who seek First Aid Examiner certification.
  • Only Examiner Mentors who hold current National Lifeguard Examiner status may supervise apprentices who seek National Lifeguard Examiner certification.