Adult Swimmer 1

You'll work towards a 10-15 m swim on your front and back. You'll do jump entries from the side and recover an object from the bottom in chest-deep water. Improve your fitness and your flutter kick with 4 x 9-12 m interval training.

  1. Enter and exit shallow water
  2. Jump into deep water, return and exit
  3. Sideways entry wearing PFD
  4. Tread water 30 sec. wearing PFD
  5. Hold breath underwater 5-10 sec.
  6. Submerge and exhale 5-10 times
  7. Open eyes underwater
  8. Recover object from bottom in chest-deep water
  9. Wearing PFD, jump into deep water, tread 30 sec. and swim / kick on back 5-10 m
  10. Float on front and back
  11. Roll laterally front to back and back to front
  12. Glide on front, back and side 3-5 m each
  13. Flutter kick on front, back and side 10-15 m each
  14. Whip kick in vertical position with PFD 15-30 sec.
  15. Front crawl or back crawl 10-15 m
  16. Interval training: 4 x 9-12 m flutter kick with 10-15 sec. rests
  17. Water Smart messages: Swim with a Buddy; Wear a Lifejacket; Check the Ice; Swim to Survive; Within Arms' Reach