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Lifesaving Society Canada
in Canada
invites applications for the position of
Sport Commission - Technical Services Chair

September 12, 2021

Job Description


To research, develop and implement technical rules related to Lifesaving Sport in Canada.

Reporting Relationship

The Technical Services Chair reports to the Sport Commissioner and is expected to follow all conditions as set out in the Sport Commission Terms of Reference.

Although reporting to the Commissioner, the Technical Services Chair may work with the following in order to achieve its objectives:

  • Sport Commission members
  • Chief Executive Officer and/or National staff
  • Management Team and Branches
  • Any other group or individual as approved by the Commission
    • The Technical Services Chair is a voting member of the Lifesaving Sport Commission governance structure. Voting members of the Sport Commission can be volunteers or staff (National or Branch).
    • Voting members can sit for four (4) years with the option of reapplying for an additional two (2) year term.
    • Individuals who resign, are relieved from their position or who are deemed inactive shall be removed from the Commission.

Terms & Conditions


  1. Attend Sport Commission meetings, to include the annual in-person meeting, as per the current Sport Terms of Reference. Report to the Sport Commission on success and direction of the technical committees.
  2. Coordinate work of volunteers and staff in completing action plan items.
  • Voting members can establish both standing and term operational sub-committees consisting of volunteers, National staff or Branch staff. Committee members are not eligible to vote but can attend a Commission meeting upon the invitation of the Commissioner.
  • The following standing committee(s) fall under the Technical Services portfolio:
    • Technical Services Working Group
    • Officials
  • The following term committee(s) fall under the Technical Services portfolio:
    • Canadian Competition Manual (CCM) Revision Group
  • Form and coordinate sub-committees, as needed, for specific projects falling under standing and/or term committees.
  • Establish and implement technical rules for lifesaving sport in Canada.
  • Provide training, certification and national/international participation opportunities for Lifesaving Sport officials.
  • Undertake other roles and activities aligned with the strategic plan and assigned by the Lifesaving Society Canada Board of Directors which are consistent with the purpose of the Technical Services portfolio.

Required Qualifications

Skill Set and Knowledge Areas

  1. National and/or International experience as an athlete, coach, official or manager.
  2. Hold a Current National Lifeguard certification or Lifesaving Instructor award or higher.
  3. Available to attend Sport Commission meetings and operational subcommittee meetings.
  4. Ability to speak in English and French is an asset.

Contact Information

Please submit an Expression of Interest to Wendy Schultenkamper, Director of Operations via email at by 12 September 2021. Expressions of Interest should include a description of your relevant experience, skills, and education.

Special Instructions

The posting can also be found on the National website at: